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Why Link Building is Important for an Established Website?

With major sectors moving online, SEO, that is, Search engine optimization techniques and marketing strategies, play a crucial role in deciding your position in the online search engine result pages. 

Amongst the various SEO techniques used, link building is one of them. Before we discuss why link building is necessary, let us know more about link building discussed by experts at SEO Strawberry!.

What is Link Building?

It is a strategy that involves linking websites by using hyperlinks from other websites on your website. The main motive of this SEO strategy is to help users navigate different related pages when they search for a particular thing. It also helps search engines like Google crawl between the pages of a website. 

How are the Links created?

   A link primarily consists of four parts:

  1. The Anchor: It is the beginning of a link and indicates to the search engine that there is a link leading to another website.
  2. Referral Location: This gives the referral location where the URL is pointing. 
  3. Visible text: It is a minor portion that users can see before clicking on them
  4. Closure: It indicates to the search engine that the link is complete. 

Why is Link Building necessary for established websites?

There is often a misconception that established websites don’t need any more SEO strategies. It is entirely false as the Google algorithm keeps on changing. To consistently hold the first spot, even the established websites need to apply effective SEO strategies, and professionals like SEO Strawberry would help you implement them. 

Here are some of the reasons why link building is necessary for established websites:

  • Links provide credibility: Google aims to provide the most relevant websites on their search results pages. A link acts as a third-party indicator of your domain’s authoritative strength. So, the more links on your website, your credibility score is higher. But this doesn’t mean that the quality of the links doesn’t matter. Google algorithm always selects quality over quantity. It would give preference to a website with five relevant and good links instead of 50 irrelevant and poor links.
  • The Google algorithm uses links to provide rankings of your website: Links play a significant role while ranking sites, and Google can’t rank websites without any usage of links. Irrespective of the quality of the content, your website would not get a good rank without proper links.
  • They organically increase traffic: Link building is the best way to attract relevant customers. Once you have your target audience, the traffic increases too, and with that, so does the website health. With high-quality leads from dominating websites, Google helps you get referrals. This is important as it indicates that customers are happy with your services. 
  • Faster site indexing: The processing of information by the Google bot is termed indexing. Google uses this bot to gather information from the websites and add them to the index list. This is then used for ranking the website. If your website is linked to reputable and dominating websites, you will rank higher. Google needs to index your site to have higher conversion rates. 

Conclusion!If you have an established website and are looking for the best SEO marketing strategies, Phoenix SEO Expert is the best option.

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